Healthy men, healthy masculinities, healthy communities.

We are a grass roots community building initiative for men. A place where men can find, build and also provide positive and supportive male relationships. The Men’s Table is a community.

The simple approach of having an affordable meal together in a private confidential space has proven to create great places for men. Not only do men benefit from The Men’s Tables, the community as a whole is a better place as men support each other to unburden themselves of their lows and share the highs of their lives. All this with a group of men who also have a wide range of lived experiences.


There’s a quiet crisis unfolding around
men’s mental health and the lack of
connection that many men experience.

The Men’s Table provides a simple, accessible and low-
cost preventative model to address this. A preventative
solution that avoids the huge cascading costs to society
when things are left too late.

Monash University logoWe are pleased to be working closely with Monash
University via a Research Agreement to develop academic
evidence of the impact of The Men’s Table.

Most men are reluctant to seek support…
The Men’s Table puts peers before professionals…

Model of Care

This report explores the evidence for some of the factors in men’s lives that are behind mental health issues and suicidal behaviours with a particular focus on social isolation.

It explores the evidence surrounding The Men’s Table’s deceptively simple, low cost approach to supporting men and puts forward a model for preventive men’s low intensity mental health that sits outside the healthcare system, building protective factors into the lives of men and their families before health interventions are needed.


From The Couch to the Community

Men are thought to be reticent help-seekers who are reluctant to share personal thoughts and emotions, yet there is little understanding of how men really approach help-seeking.

This report presents the newest research relating to men’s mental health and best practice preventative measures.

The Facts about Social Connection
A 2018 Relationships Australia report found that:

Men are more likely to experience loneliness than women

40% of single fathers report emotional loneliness and lack of social support

Widowed men, and retirees, report high rates of loneliness

Men experiencing financial stress are also more likely to be lonely

Feeling lonely can pose a bigger risk for premature death than smoking or obesity

Social loneliness is the absence of a reliable and trusted social network

The Men’s Table works to improve men’s mental health, by helping men build meaningful male friendships and community belonging as safe places to share, overcoming the stigma that men don’t talk.

We enjoy the contributions of many to help grow our grassroots community and bring our vision of Healthy Men, Healthy Masculinities, Healthy Communities to life.

The financial support we receive in the form of grants from local councils, health agencies (Eg. PHNs, Health Departments) and individual charities are used to set in motion a proven local community activation and outreach process to gather men to an Entree. The resulting Table then receives ongoing mentorship and assistance to maintain healthy, long term Table functioning, using the guidelines learned from other groups.

Our sustainable and preventative approach to men’s health and wellbeing is low cost and contributes to alleviating the growing burden on our healthcare system. Our anonymous annual survey among men at Tables reveals the positive impact of participation.

Survey results


of participants were able to describe positive mental health impacts, including more awareness or release of emotions and burdens.

1 in 3

participants noted positive impacts on relationships beyond the Table, including with partners and families


of participants found a greater sense of community belonging and contribution.

Partners we work with:

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

In addition to gratefully receiving financial support to continue building healthy Tables, we work with our corporate partners to support workplace wellbeing, and more broadly organisational culture. We know leadership behaviour affects culture, but how much attention are we all paying to some of the in-built norms about gender and leadership?

What if there was a way of fostering Healthy Masculinities amongst the men in workplaces? And what do healthy masculinities look like?

The Men’s Table offers keynotes, webinars and corporate programs to discuss healthy masculinities in the workplace and the importance of developing emotional intelligence. If this is something that could be of benefit in your workplace download the webinar pack or get in touch.

Citi webinar

What if there was a way of fostering Healthy Masculinities amongst the men in workplaces? We recently ran a webinar with the folks from Citi to explore this further.

Prima EAP round table discussion

In conjunction with Prima EAP, and to coincide with Men’s Health Week, co-founder David Pointon facilitated a discussion between four influential men in the wellness industry

keynotes and webinars info deck

Download our Keynote and Webinars pack to see how we can help facilitate organisational culture discussions in your workplace.


The Men’s Table is surrounded by a community of men and women who donate their expertise and services to help us create healthy men, healthy masculinities and healthy communities. Maybe you can help out?

Want to chat?

Want to have a chat or ask a question before you register for an entree? We’d love to hear from you. Please give us a call or fill out this form and a man who sits at a Table will get back to you.