The Kitchen

Meet our Team

Our team – The Kitchen – are a growing band of passionate individuals dedicated to helping fulfil our mission of Healthy Men, Healthy Masculinities, Healthy Communities. 

We’re an organisation mastering the art of self directed teams as we help encourage men off the couch and into community, whilst living our values of  being loving, open, courageous, dependable and reflective. 

Ben Hughes
David Pointon
Nicole Robertson

I find inspiration from my grandfather who was very active in social justice. I am afflicted by supporting Bristol FC, appreciate fine wine, and thoroughly enjoy misspelling obvious words to annoy pedents. I started the first Men’s Table in 2011 and am very much the Yang to David’s Yin.

I am passionate about groups; how they can thrive and how we can foster regenerative cultures that serve people, and all life on Earth. I love meditation, time in nature, reading and sport. I feel very blessed to be doing this work with an amazing team and a connected community.

I am an introverted soul who is much more comfortable behind the scenes. I enjoy travel,  conversations, trivia and learning about the culture and perspectives of others. Family, books, sunsets and early morning runs all make me content.

Michael Collins
Regional Host, South Coast 
Anthony Garnham
Regional Host, Partnerships
May Cheng

I am a grassroots, collaboration geek and love learning to make magic happen for myself and our community. I aspire to create relations filled with trust to have hard and dangerous conversations filled with care, courage and respect. I am in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

A Melburnian living in Bondi, I take every opportunity to get to the beach and enjoy chatting with strangers and learning about their lives. I’m grateful that one such encounter with Ben resulted in my joining The Men’s Table and am excited about its impact and growth.

I am a naturally shy person but once I know you and we become friends, I will come out of my shell.
I am not a front line person but prefer to support my teammates to achieve our goals. I enjoy travel and trying different cuisines 
Dan Ball
Regional Host, VIC
Jim Raptis
Table Concierge, North
Bill Karametos
Regional Host, VIC

A Libran who enjoys balancing a social lifestyle (including fine wine or craft beer) with a “monk mode” of mindfulness, fasting and hibernating at home, I believe being open, vulnerable and prioritising one’s mental health is life. Helping others prioritise theirs does not feel like work.

After 33 years of serving the community as a pharmacist, I now serve men through The Men’s Table. I’m passionate about helping people, reaching out to those that are struggling and letting them know they’re not alone. In my free time I like to relax by walking along the beach or strumming my favourite songs on my guitar.

Surrounding yourself with amazing people should be a priority for all people’s health and wellbeing. I am passionate about all sports, in particular AFL, cricket & golf.
If you know anyone famous who has written a book, let me know – it would be great to add their signed book to my extensive collection.

Eric Balinghasay
Regional Host & Marketing
Daryll Doy
Table Concierge, South
Katie Jones
Project Manager

Man. Father of two teens. Son, sibling, and friend. Marketer by profession. Reader of the printed word. Board game geek. Seeks both calm and adventure in the outdoors. Mental health advocate. Global citizen – lived and made 6 countries home. Aspires to grow up more every day without growing old.

A Brit who now calls Melbourne home and co-parent to my kindred spirit Milo, a retired racing greyhound. I love to immerse myself in a good video game, fantasy novel or podcast; as well as get together with friends and challenge myself with a board game. I enjoy welcoming new men and helping guide them on their Men’s Table journey.

I am a social worker with project management experience in the mental health sector, particularly in learning and development projects. I really value being part of the passionate community work The Men’s Table engages in. In my spare time, you’ll find my extrovert soul at some social activity!

Damian Tapley
Regional Host, WA
Dr Nicole Curtin
Evaluation Lead
David Puls
Regional Host, TAS

I’m WA born and bred, but spent two decades overseas making friends with people from across the globe. I love getting to know people, bridge culture, and build community. I play veterans basketball, try to surf with my boys, and sail most weekends.

As a social science researcher with a PhD in community psychology, I love learning about what helps people, families and communities feel connected. I live in sunny WA with my husband and two sons, a toddler and a teenager. I enjoy long drives and camping trips.

I am a Perth lad now living in Geeveston an hour south of Hobart in the Huon Valley. I’m very much into community connections, and have worked in social justice in one way or another for all of my life. I like a bit of blues guitar, walking in the bush, growing veggies, good wine, and watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe.