pay it forward campaign

Pay it Forward


We acknowledge that men paying it forward comes from participating at a table, referring a man and completing annual feedback. All critical to the success of our community!

If you are in a position to, and want to do more to support us financially, we invite you to pay it forward through a donation.

We value your participation and contribution as a member of The Men’s Table community.

We value you for:

– showing up to your Table for yourself

– showing up for the men at your Table

We also appreciate all your feedback. We had 211 men who had their say during April giving us their feedback about the impact of the Table on them, and how we in the Kitchen can continue to support you. This is going to inform us powerfully about improvements to our approach.

Thank you.


The money we raise from this Pay it Forward campaign will provide us important discretionary funding, unlike the Government grant money we have been winning, which is tied directly to Table building activity.

Our intention with the Pay it Forward donations is to invest in capacity building to strengthen our organisation.
Examples of such projects currently in the pipeline include;

– Educational content – short videos and resources for new men as they arrive, and for their first 6 months of being at a Table
– Development of the next evolution of our Fundamentals and Safety Net
– More volunteer training – we want to better support the many men who wish to volunteer and help us reach more men
– Our CRM and systems to maintain reliable, up to date data to support men and Tables

Donate button allowing donations to be made