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Research shows that feeling connected and having a sense of belonging can be protective factors for suicidality (source: Ending Loneliness Togther, 2020).

The South Eastern Melbourne PHN partnered with The Men’s Table, commissioning two Tables to support local men in finding connection and building positive relationships. 

With the first Table launched in Frankston in February, SEMPHN checked in to see how they were progressing, with good results. 

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I learned about The Men's Table at a time when I was feeling lonely, disconnected and anxious. Since joining I have met a great group of men, shared our stories and feelings and connected as friends. The Men's Table is such a great initiative and has definitely helped me. I'm feeling much more positive as a result.

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Want to have a chat or ask a question before you register for an entree? We’d love to hear from you. Please give us a call or fill out this form and a man who sits at a Table will get back to you.