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“An exciting way for men to connect over a meal and express themselves in a confidential setting is happening again in Coffs Harbour,” writes Mary Keily from News of the Area.

We’re so appreciative of the support we receive from local media outlets such as this one, to help us reach men and alert them to an upcoming Entree and Table launch in their area. 

There is already one Coffs-based Men’s Table, and with two Entrees well attended, we’re looking forward to another couple starting up. Creating a place for men to learn, talk and share with one another. 

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The guys in the first group bonded really well, gaining a strong bond and sense of commonality in a safe area, which they don’t often get. Some of them became co-hosts and they will be coming to the next two entrees to set the scene.

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Want to have a chat or ask a question before you register for an entree? We’d love to hear from you. Please give us a call or fill out this form and a man who sits at a Table will get back to you.