Men’s Health Week


Healthy Habits are easy right? Go to the gym, eat well, get plenty of sleep! We all know what we’re meant to do.

But what about Healthy Habits that relate to our social and emotional life? Just like diet and physical activity, these things also have a big bearing on our wellbeing and mental health.

Developing Healthy Psycho-Social habits enable men to feel more whole and complete, become more open and connected, and develop a rounded approach to wellbeing and mental health.

During Men’s Health Week 2023, The Men’s Table, in conjunction with Prima EAP, hosted a lunchtime webinar to discuss the year’s theme of ‘Healthy Habits’. Facilitated by Men’s Table co-founder David Pointon, with special guests

Rae Bonney – Workplace Mental Health Consultant, Counsellor, Men and Boys Health Specialist.

Tadgh Kennelly – ex AFL and Gaelic Premiership Footballer, co-founder WNOW

Anthony Doyle (MT38 Randwick) and Jason Jackson (MT81 Launceston) – two men from Tables who share stories about their personal experience.

There were multiple key takeaways from the panel discussion including:

1. Healthy habits for social and emotional health include;

  • Small changes that can slowly build up over time. For example, speaking from the heart when asked “how are you today?”
  • The opposite of “negative habits” you want to change. For example, sharing one’s vulnerabilities instead of keeping everything inside when going through a difficult experience


2. Healthy habits to consider for healthy relationships;

  • Being the ‘show up guy’ – Simply showing up and checking in on others regularly, giving them the space to share how they really are
  • Just spending time with others without having to do something special… sitting quietly, reading
  • Giving hugs (when appropriate!)


3. Men’s aspirations and wishes for their sons and young men in our community are among the key motivators for them to express healthy masculinities

4. Mindsets AND language are changing in relation to healthy masculinities; part of a positive revolution – “Masculinities are beautiful”

5. While it is important to recognise many of our needs as “human needs” that are not defined by the masculine vs the feminine, there are also differences in biology, societal norms & experiences (individual, historical and cultural) that suggest there is value in men only environments, such as at The Men’s Table.

Below is a recording, which you are most welcome to share within your organisation and networks.

Our sincere thanks to our webinar partner, Prima EAP

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