Our communities are facing extraordinarily tough times as COVID-19 wreaks havoc with our health, jobs, families and finances. Luckily, there’s a safe space available where men can talk through their high and lows, and how they’re really feeling in a safe space with a group of peers.

Our charity organisation, The Men’s Table, has successfully built 18 groups of men over the last 18 months and that number is growing fast. Ordinarily, each Table of 12 men meets monthly, face-to-face over dinner to support each other in all aspects of life. However, as isolation laws take hold, the traditional Table offering is currently not possible.

So, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve moved to Virtual Tables online.

“Our MT communities need us more than ever, so pausing the Tables just wasn’t an option,” says Co-Founder Ben Hughes. “My own Table met on Zoom the week before last and it was a great success. It’s the next best thing to being there. Since then we have started two Tables online, Central Coast (MT17) and Flemington (MT18). We have also conducted an online Taster, an information session for new men and plan to have drop-in virtual lunches.”

All the existing Tables have moved online to meet as Virtual Tables.

“We’re thrilled to have found a virtual solution that allows men to talk about their issues at the time they need support the most,” adds fellow Co-Founder David Pointon. “We will continue to offer ‘Tasters’’, for men can come along to see how it all works in a relaxed and conversational evening Zoom session. We will also keep launching Tables this way until we’re able to move back to face-to-face meetings. There’s never been a more important time to connect, share and listen with other men in a safe space”

Media Enquiries: Ben Hughes 0424 993 366 • Email: hello@themenstable.org  www.themenstable.org

About The Men’s Table:

The Men’s Table had humble beginnings when 12 men got together for a chat and a bite to eat in 2011. Instantly benefiting from the judgement-free support and the informal way in which they could air their troubles and their feelings, they knew they were on to something special.

Fast-forward nearly nine years, and David Pointon and Ben Hughes decided that the formula they had at their Table (MT1) was too powerful to keep to themselves. They are now on a mission to bring The Men’s Table to Aussie blokes – and then men all over the world.

It takes just two people willing to meet monthly to start a Table, there is no cost (apart from your food and drinks), and each group becomes a perpetual Table once they have 12 members, to help build trust and respect over the long term.

Want to chat?

Want to have a chat or ask a question before you register for an entree? We’d love to hear from you. Please give us a call or fill out this form and a man who sits at a Table will get back to you.