We are Blessed

The Men’s Table is blessed to have received support from many people and organisations.

Our Corporate supporters

Digital Canteen

Digital Canteen

At Digital Canteen, we see there is a growing awareness of Men’s mental health around the country, but the support often seems reactive, helping men when the situation is at its most dire.  Whilst this is important, there seems to be a lack of support groups and more preventative opportunities to help men.
The Men’s Table is a fantastic preventative initiative and much needed opportunity for the wellbeing of men and so we’re very pleased to be able to have built The Men’s Table’s website and be offering ongoing web support. Iain Campbell
Sonic Sight

Sonic Sight

Since 1993 Sonic Sight has been producing impressive videos that connect, inspire and sell.  Geoff Anderson is the owner of Sonic Sight and one of the original members of the first Men’s Table.  Geoff says, “producing videos to help spread the word about the Men’s Table is our way of paying forward what the Men’s Table has been for me”.
“When we have deep connections with other men and are able to share our highs and lows in a trusted group, life and mental wellness thrive” Geoff Anderson
Collective purpose

Collective purpose

www.collectivepurpose.org.au Collective Purpose is a business services and co-working hub for mental health and wellbeing organisations.
Kwik Kopy Auburn

Kwik Kopy Auburn

www.kwikkopy.com.au/browse-centres/auburn The Men’s Table is a peer to peer support system that aims to support for men before they fall into the cracks. Prevention is always better than the cure. Anyone who has ever struggled will know how important it is to have community they can rely on. Sebastian De Jong
Because you Matter

Because you Matter

www.becauseyoumatter.gifts "The moment I heard about the Men’s table, I knew that they were a charity I wanted to support. We live in a connected world but sometimes people can feel so disconnected and lonely. The Men’s table creates the opportunity for men to come together, meet face to face, share stories and most importantly feel like they belong." - Wendy James, Managing Director
Giles Kershaw

Giles Kershaw

https://gileskershaw.myportfolio.com/ Design, Branding & Advertising

There seems to be so much collective trauma in society (not just for men) that we need to face if we are going to overcome the various systemic challenges coming our way. I see The Men's Table as one way we can address some of these traumas, for men at least.

My speciality is advertising, design and branding for sustainable, ethical and social impact businesses. I have a wealth of experience to bring to projects that have a social or environmental responsibility, ethical consumption or behaviour change angle.
Leadership Counts

Leadership Counts

https://leadershipcounts.com.au/ We support The Men’s Table, because encouraging men to be authentic and open and honest is a transformational change in how men are perceived.
The Men’s Table provides a safe place with fundamentals that builds vulnerability-based trust; we’re excited to see the measured outcomes from doing “Men’s Work.”
Leadership Counts transforms the lives of entrepreneurs. We do this by helping entrepreneurial leadership teams to Clarify, Simplify and Achieve their Vision. Get in touch with us to receive your Free copy of TRACTION by Gino Wickman.
Cavalletti Communications

Cavalletti Communications


"As a copywriter, I understand the power of words. Conversations connect. Sharing one's story – and listening to others telling of their experiences – heightens joy and lessens pain,” says founder Daniela Cavalletti. "Men can struggle with this in our society – often with dire consequences. They can find themselves isolated and lonely when things go wrong."

At Cavalletti Communications, we proudly support The Men's Table through pro bono work. Because we've seen first-hand – with close friends and family members – the powerful effect being part of a Table has. It gives men a safe space where they allow themselves to be open and vulnerable – and create stability, support and community for each other.

Wellbeing Supporters

Personal Contributors

  • Sam Ghoreyshi
  • Sara Lassemillante
  • Adam Monaghan
  • Adam Preston
  • Alexey Prokopenko
  • Amanda Crawford
  • Andre Alphonso
  • Andrew Hall
  • Angeline Wilkes
  • Anne-Lill Holme
  • Anthony Grifoni
  • Anthony Wood
  • Ashley Roan
  • Ben Dalton
  • Bob Greenup
  • Brendan Hilferty
  • Bruce & Maria Pointon
  • Bruce Whall
  • Cathy Curtis
  • Chris Collins
  • Chris Galbraith
  • Clive  Heath
  • Dan Bligh
  • Daniel Franklin
  • Daniel Vasin
  • Daniela Cavalletti
  • David  Carter
  • David  Jones
  • David Newell
  • David Peach
  • David Seedsman
  • Dawn Bebe
  • Dawn Pointon
  • Dean Mance
  • Dez and Cathy Maule
  • Don Tilley
  • Dorothy Brace
  • Duncan Fish
  • Eloise Tanti
  • Fiyona Kidenya
  • Frances Baxter
  • Frederick Piper
  • Geoff  Thomas
  • Geoff Anderson
  • George Abramowicz
  • George Hawwa
  • George Karayannopoulos
  • Gep Blake
  • Gerald Chow
  • Helen Ellery
  • Helen Zimmerman
  • Henry Hughes
  • Iain Campbell
  • Ian Aird
  • Ian Mckenzie
  • Iron Cove  Law
  • Jack Bailey
  • Jack Toomey
  • James Forbes
  • James Gibson
  • Jamie Lovick
  • Jason Knight
  • Jeff Houseman
  • Jeremy Daunay
  • Jo Grabyn
  • Joanne Hughes
  • Jocelyn Osborne
  • Jonathan Gill
  • Julia Ridout
  • Karen Williams
  • Kevin Davey
  • Kim Colville
  • Kym Heffernan
  • Liza Garrido
  • Luke Hammonds
  • Mahreen Ahmed
  • Margaret and Phil Peach
  • Maria Vlahos
  • Mark Collins
  • Mark Orchard
  • Mark Spain
  • Mary Moloney
  • Matt Ireland
  • Matthew Hollier
  • Melanie Macfarlane
  • Melissa Richardson
  • Michael Alayan
  • Michael Beashel
  • Michael Grey
  • Michael Locke
  • Michael Lofaro
  • Michael Norton
  • Michael Tunks
  • Monique Potts
  • Narelle Ryan
  • Nick Wilson
  • Paul  Leonard
  • Paul Gordon
  • Peregrin Chiara
  • Peter Elliott
  • Peter Kerwan
  • Peter Polesel
  • Peter Welsh
  • Premal Patel
  • Rene Bros
  • Richard & Shaz Forrest
  • Rick Williams
  • Robert Kenn
  • Robert Poynting
  • Robert Skeen
  • Robyn Katz
  • Roger Vertannes
  • Roland Hanekroot
  • Roy McCullagh
  • Sarah  Cousins
  • Sarah Caswell
  • Sarah Churchward Norton
  • Scott Duncombe
  • Scott France
  • Alan and Sue Sherry
  • Sue Harrison
  • Susan Le Roux
  • Susan Stapleton
  • Tabitha Pointon
  • Tim Frazer
  • Tim O’Hara
  • Tiz Porreca
  • Tom Etherington
  • Tom Reeve
  • Tony  Greaves
  • Tony  Rossi
  • Tracey Foster
  • Warwick  Andison
  • Wayne Shapiro
  • Wendy Lloyd Curley
  • Zackary Pointon