Mens Tables are started  by men like you

Mens tables begin with 2 or more men wanting to connect. The approach to inviting others, and commencing regular meetings can vary.. Learn about ideas to get started and The Fundamentals that have been discovered by and sustain other Mens Tables.. by attending an Entree’ evening

Attend the next Mens Table Entree

The Mens Table Entrees are information nights where you can find out if MT is for you

“I feel very encouraged about the opportunity this presents for men; to come together and be real for each other”  – Adam, Entrée attendee

“Very positive… great step towards the future” -Wayne, Entrée attendee 

Entrees – Come and have a taste of

The Men’s Table.

Tuesday 11th June 2019

This will be our fifth entree, we have had and amazing strike rate. We are certainly striking a chord with men. Come and see how you can be supported.

Tue 24th Sep 2019

Wed 6th Nov 2019

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Wed 11th December 2019

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