The Coomera Entree

Monday, 26 August 2024

6.00pm for 6.30pm sharp start to 8.30 pm

An introduction over dinner to The Men’s Table through stories and dialogue…for men interested in being part of a local Men’s Table

“I feel very encouraged about the opportunity this presents for men; to come together and be real with each other” – Adam, Entree attendee

“It really gives me a sense of belonging – I feel a part of something” – James, Entree attendee

“A chance to have a different kind of conversation with men from the normal one down at the pub or at work” – Carlos, Entree attendee

What is a Men’s Table Entree?

It is an introduction to The Men’s Table through open sharing over a relaxed and conversational meal. It provides an opportunity to meet other men, and to learn about how a Table works. To help you decide whether you’d like to be part of a local Men’s Table.

It will be hosted by a couple of long standing members of other Men’s Tables, sharing their experiences from their Tables, and responding to your questions, concerns and ideas.

What is the Men’s Table?

The Men’s Table is all about men serving men. The first Men’s Table (MT1) began in 2011 in Sydney with 12 men who have met once a month for dinner and continue to do so. It is now a registered non-profit organisation that has grown to over 150 Tables all around Australia.

The Men’s Table creates a unique environment for men to share openly about their lives, their challenges, their highs and lows with a group of men who they learn to know, like and trust.

The Men’s Table is made up of men of all ages ; and of different professional and personal backgrounds, orientations and histories.  And each man has  his own life journey.

The Men’s Table creates a sense of belonging, community, peer support and camaraderie that is lacking for many men, even for some who already have a group of mates. Being part of a Table contributes to mental, emotional and social well-being whilst being a powerful support to individual members’ life journeys .

Each Men’s Table is a distinct expression of the needs and personalities of its members, established around a simple set of guidelines learned from MT1 and subsequent Tables. To remain healthy functioning and long lasting groups, all Tables are supported by the Kitchen, a central office.

What can you expect from a typical Men’s Table evening?

Men gain a great deal from sharing and hearing other men’s experiences of life. Each Men’s Table group will have its own approach which can change over time. A typical evening often includes:

  • Chatting, catching up.
  • At 6.30pm, A brief check in.
  • As men feel ready, a man shares what is happening for him. This can be anything from moments of joy, happiness, pride, challenges, obstacles, sadness, grief. It can be about how things are in his relationships, work and friendships. The topics are as wide and varied as men’s life experiences. Confidentiality is important and it is up to a man if he shares that evening.
  • As men share they are listened to and accepted; questions are generally not asked, unless the man would like input at the end.
  • ‘Fixing’ of other men after they’ve shared is actively discouraged, even though most men want to jump in and offer advice.
  • Men share from their direct experience, speaking for themselves. We avoid prophesising and generalisation.

You will get an overview of how it works at the Entree . The Entree is an opportunity to meet other men who are thinking of joining and to see if the Men’s Table is a fit for you.

The Men’s Table is a registered charity. There is no membership fee to be part of a Table; it’s a grass roots activity driven by local men in the community

If you’re interested in being a part of The Men’s Table but can’t make this date and would like to be kept abreast of future gatherings, let us know by emailing us at hello@themenstable.org

For more information, contact :

1800 636 782


Venue Details: 

**Coomera Tavern**
2 City Centre Dr, Upper Coomera QLD 4209

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