Central Coast (Bateau Bay) Entree

Monday, 19 June 2023

6:15pm for 6:45pm sharp kick off – 8:45pm

An introduction to The Men’s Table through stories and dialogue over dinner…for men interested in being part of the Men’s Table.

“It really gives me a sense of belonging – I feel a part of something” – James, Entree attendee.

The Entree will introduce you to how the Men’s Table works in a relaxed and conversational online video call. You’ll meet other men, learn about how a Table operates, and get a good feel for whether it is a fit for you.

It will be hosted by two experienced members from existing Tables, sharing our experiences from the more than 100 Tables of Men all around Australia, and responding to your questions, concerns and ideas as you consider joining an existing Men’s Table or being part of starting a newly forming Table in your local area.

What is the Men’s Table?

The Men’s Table is all about men serving men. The first Men’s Table (MT1) began in 2011 with 12 men who have met once a month for dinner and ever since. It is now growing to become a national charity and community of men.

The Men’s Table creates a unique environment for men to share openly about their lives, their challenges, their highs and lows with a group of men who they learn to know, like and trust.

It’s healthy to show emotions and share feelings, and it is time we freed men from outdated masculine norms. There’s also never been a better time to be part of building community.

The Men’s Table creates a sense of belonging, community, peer support and camaraderie that is lacking for many men, even for some who already have a group of mates. Belonging to a Men’s Table contributes to mental, emotional and social wellbeing whilst being a powerful support to individual members journeys through life.

Each Men’s Table is a distinct expression of the needs and personalities of its members, guided by a simple structure learned from MT1 and all the Tables since.

What can you expect from a typical Men’s Table evening?

Men gain a great deal from sharing and hearing other men’s experiences of life. Each Men’s Table group will have its own approach which can change over time. A typical evening often includes:

  • Chatting, catching up.
  • At 6.45pm, A brief check in.
  • As men feel ready, a man shares what is happening for him. This can be anything from moments of joy, happiness, pride, challenges, obstacles, sadness, grief. It can be about how things are in his relationships, work and friendships. The topics are as wide and varied as men’s life experiences. Confidentiality is important and it is up to a man if he shares that evening.
  • As men share they are listened to and accepted; questions are generally not asked, unless the man would like input at the end.
  • ‘Fixing’ of other men after they’ve shared is actively discouraged, even though most men want to jump in and offer advice.
  • Men share from their direct experience, speaking for themselves. We avoid prophesising and generalisation.

You will get an overview of how it works at the Entree . The Entree is an opportunity to meet other men who are thinking of joining and to see if the Men’s Table is a fit for you.

The Men’s Table is a registered charity. There is no membership fee to be part of a Table; it’s a grass roots activity driven by local men in the community

If you’re interested in being a part of The Men’s Table but can’t make this date and would like to be kept abreast of future gatherings, let us know by emailing us at hello@themenstable.org

For more information, contact :

1800 636 782


or Anthony Garnham – Regional Host – 0411 311 214


Venue Details:

***Bateau Bay Bowling Club***
5 Bias Ave, Bateau Bay NSW 2261

Ticket price includes a meal.
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